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Revealing Rochester's New Hire!

Last month we announced our new hires, Morgan and Matt, at our Albany Office, but we are now excited to announce that we have a new hire at our Rochester Office!

Our Rochester Office has been steadily growing these past few years but has recently taken a large leap forward with our new hire. Without further ado let’s meet the newest member of the Rochester team!

Timothy Buhse is our newest Fire Protection Designer! He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in May of 2023 with his bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, but is currently working towards his master’s in Mechanical engineering. In addition to his degree, he has also obtained his Firefighter I Certification from the Nassau County Fire Service Academy (NCFSA).

While in school, Tim was able to gain insight into the field through firefighting with the Rockville Centre Fire Department. He quickly became familiar with a variety of fire protection systems and how crucial these systems are in preventing a disastrous fire. As a result of this exposure, Tim developed an interest in the fire protection engineering field.

When asked why he decided on RAN, Tim responded with the following:

“I have a genuine interest in the systems that RAN works with, since I have been taught a good deal about them already through my volunteer fire service. I also see the need for my job to be done well, since it is the preventative part of firefighting. The work that I can do here can protect and assist the client’s lives, property and firefighters that may respond to calls at buildings that I work with. Obviously, since I have worked for the last five years to obtain my mechanical engineering degree, I want to apply the skills and knowledge I have obtained to something I feel passionate about, so RAN was the perfect fit.”

Tim is a hardworking individual that enjoys volunteering his free time to serve the people in his community through firefighting, but when he gets some time to himself, he enjoys watching and playing sports, video games, and even to just grab a drink with his friends.

We are excited to have Tim as a full-time employee and a part of the RAN team! He contributes many great qualities and skills that we are sure will help our Rochester Office grow and continue to succeed. This is just the beginning!

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