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Project Objectives
RAN offers assistance in establishing fire safety objectives. We interview decision makers, incorporate the responses into a preliminary set of objectives, and guide our clients in establishing and adopting global objectives and more specific goals for critical areas. 

Performance Based Design
Building aesthetics are an important part of architecture for many clients; however, the designs may contradict the building and fire code requirements. Performance based design is a type of engineering that takes into account the purpose and design of the building into account when designing the fire protection. RAN's engineers are fire code experts versed in state fire code and NFPA standards. The combination of code expertise and engineering capabilities results in superior performance based designs.

Planning Structure
RAN can review a building’s conceptual design in the early stages and present guidelines and alternative approaches for planning the structure. We support your design philosophies and aesthetic criteria and propose approaches for achieving the fire safety objectives while considering the building's passive features, active systems, and operating fire prevention procedures. Each alternative approach is presented with respect to its benefits and liabilities, code compliance or equivalencies, and relative initial costs and life cycle costs.

RAN provides evaluations of drawings and existing fire protection systems to determine a system’s life expectancy, expansion capability, and the capacity to modify the system when needed. Our evaluations assist in determining cost-effective solutions in relation to a building’s life cycle, along with maintaining the aesthetic appeal that the owner may desire. Code officials often request an evaluation report that describes the applicability of a product for use in accordance with construction code requirements. RAN reviews and assess projects to ensure that code requirements are met.​

RAN has experience in applying for a variance in locations where the code cannot be met due to constructability issues and physical constraints on the layout of an existing building. A variance allows RAN to provide full fire protection that meets the intent of the code. This is especially useful in historic buildings, where changes that would normally be required to meet the codes standards, are not options. RAN has experience in successfully obtaining variances in our client's favor when we present our case in front of the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Other Services Include:

  • Code Analysis

  • Code Interpretation

  • Fire Safety Evaluation System (FSES)

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