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All system design drawings are developed using computer aided design software and follow our in-house drawing standards. The fire protection component symbols that we use are consistent with national standards. We utilize both AutoCAD and Revit. We also provide hydraulic calculations to ensure that each fire protection system has an adequate water supply in the event of a fire.

Detailed Engineering
Our clients receive designs that show the level of detail necessary for competitive bids and economic installations. Performance specifications can lack detail - RAN provides each client with detailed drawings that address the bid process, desired performance, and life expectancy.​

Hydraulic Calculations
Our hydraulic calculations prove that the supply of water available is strong and plentiful enough to meet the demands needed in order to control the size and intensity of a possible fire. You will know the system works before the contractor bids on the project, avoiding costly change orders.

Other Services Include:

  • Code Equivalency

  • Designs

  • Evacuation Planning

  • Life Safety

  • Performance-Based

  • Size Layouts

  • Specifications

  • Stairwell Pressurization Systems

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