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Miraval Resort and Spa

Lenox, MA


Designing fire protection for the Miraval Resort & Spa in Lenox, Massachusetts was multi-faceted endeavor. RAN designed sprinkler systems, stand-pipes, and fire alarm systems throughout the 30-building complex. One of the buildings in this complex is over 250 years old and had no existing fire protection measures. This building was originally a privately owned mansion but was being converted to a hotel and banquet facility. RAN designed a wireless fire alarm system within the building to limit disruption to the original ornate ceilings.

Construction Cost: $6,000,000 Size: 30 Buildings

Flanagan Hotel.png

Holiday Inn Express

Oswego, NY

Client: Architectural & Engineering Design Associates, PC

The scope of this project was to design both the sprinkler and fire alarm systems for this hotel. The fire alarm devices had both automatic and manual initiation layouts and devices that monitors the sprinkler system. The fire protection drawings included sprinkler and standpipe system plans.

Construction Cost: $109,000 Size: 54,000 sq-ft

Sheraton Hotel Boston.jpg
Copy of Mansion 2 w Blue Sky.jpg

Flannagan Hotel

Malone, NY
Client: Aubertine & Currier Architects

The Flanagan Hotel was built in 1917 and was the largest hotel north of Albany, NY in its prime. The historical building needed renovations and RAN Fire Protection Engineering was retained to provide fire protection design drawings. The drawings included a sprinkler and piping location plan, manual-wet standpipe design, and a fire pump design.

Construction Cost: $240,000 Size: 6 Stories

Holiday Inn Express.jpg

Sheraton Hotel

Boston, MA

RAN Fire Protection Engineering has been the MEP & FP engineer for 80,000 square feet of hotel space renovations, along with a Starbucks and Landau’s Jewelry Store in the hotel’s lobby. The renovations were completed adding more comfortable hotel accommodations, amenities and retail shopping conveniences for the hotels patrons and clients. The space improvements have since increased client retention and attracting new customers.

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Miraval Resort and Spa
Flannagan Hotel
Holiday Inn Express
Sheraton Boston Hotel
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