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Camoplast Solideal

Plattsburgh, NY

Client: Camoplast Solideal

Camoplast Solideal is an off-road tires and rubber tracks manufacturer located in North Country of New York. RAN Fire Protection Engineering performed consulting services for the sprinkler system demand requirements in the existing warehouse. RAN engineers reviewed the warehouse storage arrangement, performed a code compliance evaluation, and evaluated the water supply for the existing sprinkler systems in the warehouse areas limited to the anticipated hydraulically most remote areas.


Construction Cost: $315,000 Size: 84,000 sq-ft

Camopast Solideal
Schluter Systems

Schluter Systems

Plattsburgh, NY

Client: Architectural & Engineering Design Associates

RAN Fire Protection Engineering designed both the sprinkler and fire alarm systems in the manufacturing and storage buildings at Schluter Systems. The fire alarm system that was designed to include a manual initiation device and device monitoring of the sprinkler system. RAN Engineers also provided hydraulic calculations and a fire pump design for this warehouse that utilized ESFR sprinkler protection.


Construction Cost: $150,000 Size: 30,000 sq-ft


Selkirk, NY

Client: CHA Technical Services

RAN provided special hazard consulting services for a performance-based design for the Resin structure at Sabic. The scope of services for this project involved the development of performance criteria for the 4 existing deluge systems and the design of 2 new deluge systems for protection against flammable liquid fires within the structure.  Fire modeling was required to identify the worst-case pool fire, including the prediction of deluge system activation.  RAN was able to establish the fire suppression requirements which included a code analysis, hydraulic calculations, and the establishment of acceptance criteria for the performance-based design.


Construction Cost: $500,000 Size: 60,000 sq-ft


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