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Department of Transportation

Highland, Java, Massena, Millwood, & Wellsville, MA

Client: NYS Office of General Services

RAN Fire Protection Engineering provided lead fire protection, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services for the New York State Department of Transportation Region Sub-headquarters. The scope of these projects included the design and furnishing of vehicle storage bays and maintenance office areas.


Construction Cost: $8,000,000 Size: 5 buildings

DOT Garage

Bayer Plastics

Sheffield, MA

Bayer Plastics is a company that manufactures polycarbonate resins and polycarbonate blends which are essential for the manufacturing of many types of products and technologies. RAN Fire Protection Engineering was hired to perform fire protection consultation as well as system design. Specific duties included reviewing state fire code and NFPA requirements as well as fire protection engineering design services. In order to fulfill the needs of this warehouse, RAN designed a fire pump system; automatic sprinkler system, based on the reduced sprinkler demand recommendations from the client; hydraulic calculations of standpipe and sprinkler system for NFPA 13 and NFPA 20 compliance; and sizing of the fire protection water supply, as applicable. These systems were designed in order to protect the specialized plastics facility and all of the sensitive materials in the warehouses.

Size: 90,000 sq-ft

Pittsfield YMCA Capitol Improvements

Pittsfield, MA

Client: Hill Engineers, Architects, Planners

RAN Fire Protection Engineering provided the design criteria for the modification and improvements to the existing fire protection systems at the Pittsfield YMCA. RAN designs addressed the sprinkler and standpipe systems and fire alarm design. Sprinkler system layouts needed to be conscience of the existing structures and obstructions prior to bid. The fire alarm design included documenting existing fire alarm layout, and developing modifications in compliance with NFPA 72. Upgrading the alarm notification appliance performance in compliance with NFPA 72 and ADA, while device monitoring of the sprinkler systems and fire pump equipment. RAN’s attention during construction administration included responses to bidders’ questions and RFIs, issuance of addenda, review of sprinkler contractor’s submittals/shop drawings and hydraulic calculations, review of fire alarm contractor’s submittals/shop drawings and battery calculations.



Pittsfield YMCA
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