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Hart Theatre

Albany, NY
Client: NYS Office of General Services

The EGG is a performing arts venue that has become one of New York’s Capital District icons due to its unusual shape and central location in the Empire State Plaza.


RAN Fire Protection Engineering was retained to evaluate the existing proscenium fire curtain of the stage at Hart Theatre, the existing escalator fire shutter, and the associated fly cable system. RAN provided recommendations and code compliance design options to increase the performance levels of the existing systems.

Construction Cost: $330,000 Size: 10,000 sq-ft

The Egg, Albany, NY
Mission Church

Mission Church

Holmes, NY

Client: LAN Associates

RAN performed fire protection engineering consulting and design services involving a sprinkler system design. The design included sprinkler piping and sprinkler layout, hydraulic calculations, and electric fire pump and sizing of the required water supply. The designs incorporated aesthetic aspect's to blend into the existing structure.


Construction Cost: $100,000 Size: 24,000 sq-ft

Catholic Charities

Binghamton, NY

Client: Bearsch Compeau Knudson


RAN was retained to perform consulting and design services for the design of fire sprinklers for the additions to the Catholic Charities building. The sprinkler system design included a classification of hazard to establish design criteria, sprinkler piping and sprinkler layout, and hydraulic calculations.  

Construction Cost: $50,000 Size: 11,000 sq-ft

Cathoic Charities
Mission Church
Catholic Charities
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