Correctional Facilities

Elmira, NY


Client: NYS Office of General Services

Elmira Correctional Facility is a maximum security state prison holding approximately 1,800 inmates. RAN Fire Protection Engineering replaced Elmira's existing standpipe
system with a new Class III standpipe system in 11 of the
facility’s buildings. A standpipe supply loop was installed,
which supplied water from a new centrally located electric fire pump. A variance was obtained to incorporate the unique features of this historic construction and to meet code requirements.    


Construction Cost (phase 1): $3.5 million Size: 11 buildings


Elmira Correctional Facility had existing plumbing that dated back to the late 1930s in Building 20. The facility had reported failures with fixtures, plumbing vent piping, soil piping, and cold water supply to the cells. RAN engineers designed a new integrated plumbing system that allowed the facility to remain open while construction was in progress, since the facility was fully occupied and had limited swing space. All supply piping, waste piping, and
vent piping were removed and replaced. All soil piping in the facility was replaced with no-hub cast iron. All water closets and lavatories in all the cell areas were removed and replaced with water efficient, stainless steel fixtures.

Construction Cost: $3.7 million Size: 52,000 sq-ft

Sonyea, NY


Client: NYS Office of General Services

RAN Engineering provided plumbing design services for 3 buildings at the Groveland Correctional Facility. RAN was in charge of designing the removal and replacement of the hot and cold water piping from the mechanical rooms to the bathrooms. A phasing plan was developed for the facility to remain functional while construction was in progress.    


Construction Cost: $1,057,000 Size: 20,000 sq-ft

YLA City Challenge

Adirondack Residential Center

Parker Training Academy

Columbia Residential Center

Taberg Residential Center

Oneida Correctional Facility 

RAN has experience working with over 80% of correctional facilities and over 84% of Youth Detention Centers in New York including:


New Jersey Training School

Lansing Juvenile Residential Center

Allen Residential Center

Brentwood Residential Center

Red Hook Residential Center

Brookwood Secure Center

Bare Hill Correctional Facility

Woodbourne Correctional Facility

Attica Correctional Facility

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