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K-12 Education

James Monroe Elementary

Edison, NJ

Client: LAN Associates

RAN Fire Protection Engineering has designed the complete fire protection system for the James Monroe Elementary School. Numerous architectural features within the building posed challenges to develop adequate sprinkler protection. RAN was able to use their extensive knowledge in fire dynamics to develop a coordinated layout that not only blended in with the building’s architectural features, but also reduced the sprinkler demand to avoid the installation of a costly fire pump.


Construction Cost: $230,000 Size: 67,000 sq-ft

James Monroe Elementary
Kingston High School

Kingston High School

Kingston, NY

Client: Lewis Engineering

RAN Fire Protection Engineering was retained to update the Kingston High School Field House sprinkler system. RAN performed a code analysis on the existing fire protection system to make sure that everything was compliant with NFPA standards. It was discovered that a fire pump was needed based on hydraulic calculations of the existing system. A new fire pump and existing system modifications were designed.


Construction Cost: $285,000 Size: 94,000 sq-ft

Ogdensburg Free Academy

Ogdensburg, NY

Client: Bernier, Carr & Associates

When the auditorium at the Ogdensburg Free Academy underwent major renovations and upgrades including upgrades to the fire protection system, RAN Fire Protection Engineering provided design and consultation services. RAN provided the design of a new sprinkler system. The designs included arbitration with local Code Enforcement Officials to ensure that the proposed building fire protection strategy would meet their life safety goals. It also included a variance to directly address the fire department’s pre-incident suppression tactics.


Construction Cost: $240,000 Size: 88,300 sq-ft



James Monroe
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