Albany, NY


Client: NYS Office of General Services

Services Provided:

•    Code Analysis
•    Fire Pump Design
•    Standpipe System Design
•    System Life Span Analysis 


Construction Cost: $2.5 million Size: 22 Stories

RAN Fire Protection Engineering was retained by the Office of General Services to provide fire protection engineering services on the Corning Tower and the four Agency Buildings. The previous fire protection system that was installed and completed in 1973 needed to be updated.  


Through an evaluation process, ultrasonic testing was performed on fire protection  pipes in 207 different locations to identify the condition of the pipes and to determine their life expectancy. This allowed RAN to lower construction costs by replacing only the corroded pipes.


A code analysis was performed on each building to ensure the plans are up to NFPA standards and New York State Building Code. All upgrades meet NFPA 14 and NFPA 20 code requirements.


New automatic fire pumps needed to be implemented into the design, as the Corning Tower and Agency Buildings previous fire pumps were manual and only feed to the standpipe systems, not the sprinkler systems. The new upgrades involved automatic fire pumps and automatic transfer switches.

Ogdensburg, NY


Client: NYS Office of General Services

Services Provided:

•    Designed a Performance-Based Fire Protection System
•    Life Safety Systems Design
•    NFPA 101A Alternative Approach to Life Safety


Construction Cost: $15,0,000 Size: 40,000 sq-ft

The Robert C. McEwen U.S. Custom House is the oldest building in Ogdensburg, New York and the oldest within the General Services Administration’s building inventory. Constructed in 1809–1810, the building is closely linked to the development of Ogdensburg and shipping along the St. Lawrence River.

The U. S. Custom House is a fine example of the utilitarian buildings constructed in native lime-stone in the late 18th and early 19th centuries in the Ogdensburg region. The building interior dates entirely from 1937, when a complete remodeling was undertaken to provide offices for the U.S. Customs Service. Vestiges of the 1809–1810 structure remain in transverse load-bearing masonry walls, the closets under the eaves of the third floor, and the original beams.  

This project included a complete overhaul of the building’s fire protection and life safety systems utilizing NFPA 914 Code for the Fire Protection of Historic Structures and NFPA 101, Life Safety Code. RAN Fire Protection Engineering served as the lead fire protection engineer for the project. Due to the limitations associated with the historic nature of the building, alternative design approaches were necessary to provide an adequate level of life safety. A performance-based fire protection design was incorporated into the project. The design was based on the anticipated fire severity predicted by fire modeling. A final cost-effective design that addressed the specific hazards in the buildings was accomplished.

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