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Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY)

Massena Sunmount Developmental Disabilities Service Organization


Massena, NY

Client: Lewis Engineering

RAN Fire Protection Engineering was retained to upgrade the NFPA Life Safety Code occupancy level for this residence from Board and Care Impractical to Health Care. RAN engineers upgraded the sprinkler system and fire alarm system. The fire alarm system was designed with a central station and includes carbon monoxide detection and two dedicated phone lines. RAN ensured that the kitchen facilities complied with the code, including protection of the kitchen enclosure and equipment. A UL 300A wet chemical fire extinguishing system was also designed and installed.

Massena Sunmount

Construction Cost: $425,000 Size: 5,500 sq-ft

Vista House

Albany, NY

Client: Kramer Architect

The President of RAN provided fire protection, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services for the Vista House for Women. A fire protection system with a sprinkler system was designed in addition to the design of an HVAC system, plumbing system, and electrical system.

Vista House

Construction Cost: $433,000 Size: 128,000 sq-ft

26 Lincoln Ave

Sidney, NY

Client: Lewis Engineering

RAN Fire Protection Engineering was retained to design a sprinkler and fire alarm system for the Office for Persons with Developmental Disabilities. Hydraulic flow calculations were performed by RAN engineers to determine the pipe sizing for the new sprinkler system along with soffit coordination.

26 Lincoln Ave

Construction Cost: $350,000 Size: 5,000 sq-ft



NYS Office of General Services

Corning Tower and Agency Buildings

Albany, NY

Client: NYS Office of General Services


Services Provided:

  • Code analysis

  • Fire pump design

  • Standpipe system design

  • System life span analysis


RAN Fire Protection Engineering was retained by the Office of General Services to provide fire protection engineering services on the Corning Tower and the four Agency Buildings. The previous fire protection system that was installed and completed in 1973 needed to be updated.

Through an evaluation process, ultrasonic testing was performed on fire protection pipes in 207 different locations to identify the condition of the pipes and to determine their life expectancy. This allowed RAN to lower construction costs by replacing only the corroded pipes.

A code analysis was performed on each building to ensure the plans are up to NFPA standards and New York State Building Code. All upgrades meet NFPA 14 and NFPA 20 code requirements.

New automatic fire pumps needed to be implemented into the design, as the Corning Tower and Agency Buildings previous fire pumps were manual and only feed to the standpipe systems, not the sprinkler systems. The new upgrades involved automatic fire pumps and automatic transfer switches.

High Rise Corning Tower.jpg

New York State Capitol Building

Albany, NY

Client: NYS Office of General Services

Services Provided:

  • Code Analysis                                       

  • Fire Pump Design

  • Fire Alarm System Design    

  • Preservation of Historical Building

The NYS Capitol Building houses the New York State Governor’s Office and the New York State Legislature. The building was completed in 1899 at a cost of $25 million, a modern day equivalent to roughly half a billion dollars. RAN Fire Protection Engineering, P.C. commenced work on the NYS Capitol project to address the existing level of fire protection.


The project involved the investigation of the existing fire pump arrangements to assess measures concerning flow problems. The design required the removal of three fire pumps, which allowed for consolidation into one fire pump with emergency backup power. The project also included the upgrading of the fire department hose valves on all eight standpipes throughout the building. The design increased the functionality and general reliability of the fire protection system in its entirety.

NYS Capitol Building, Million Dollar  Staircase.JPG
NYS Capitol Building Pump

Construction Cost: $1,500,000 Size: 10 stories

State: OGS
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