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Miraval Resort and Spa

Lenox, MA

Designing fire protection for the Miraval Resort & Spa in Lenox, Massachusetts was multi-faceted endeavor. RAN Fire Protection Engineering designed sprinkler systems, stand-pipes, and fire alarm systems throughout the 30-building complex.

The original fire alarm systems within the complex were not compatible with each other due to differences in manufacturers. This caused the accuracy of the alerts to be insufficient. If a fire alarm was activated, the main panel would only report which building the fire is in, not a specific room. RAN addressed this by designing a wireless radio mesh fire alarm network. This system eliminates the hardwiring from the fire alarms to the original receiver and is replaced with radio transmitters which are received by a central receiver. The receiver is connected to a monitor where the guard has an interactive display of the complex where guards can see exactly what room the fire is located. This not only creates a safer environment for guests of the resort, but it also saved our client millions of dollars because they did not need to replace all the existing fire alarms.

One of the buildings in this complex is over 250 years old and had no existing fire protection measures. This building was originally a privately owned mansion but was being converted to a hotel and banquet facility. RAN designed a wireless fire alarm system within the building to limit disruption to the original ornate ceilings. The wireless fire alarms eliminated the need for holes in the walls to hardwire the fire alarms together, effectively preserving the building's historical integrity. The fire alarms in this building also feed into the wireless radio mesh fire alarm network. The sprinkler system was also designed strategically to maintain the aesthetics of the building. The historical building has original ornate architectural designs, so keeping these features intact was an important aspect of the project.

Construction Cost: $6,000,000 Size: 30 Buildings

Mansion 12 Edit.jpg
Mansion 2 w Blue Sky.jpg

Grant Cottage State Historic Site

Wilton, NY

The purpose of this project is to design fire protection for Grant Cottage in Wilton, New York. This cottage is where President Ulysses S. Grant passed away, so protecting this historic landmark effectively was of the utmost importance. RAN Fire Protection Engineering was brought on as a sub-consultant and was charged with several major fire protection engineering tasks. First, we had to review existing building and site documentation to guide the remainder of the project. After reviewing the current documentation, we needed to develop a code analysis to determine the code installation requirements for any and all new systems. RAN also evaluated potential fire suppression systems that would be most appropriate to protect this historical treasure. Lastly, we agreed to assist with arbitration with the code enforcement official to assist with any concerns and a comprehensive protection plan. This project has supplied us with the knowledge and experience necessary to protect historical buildings.

Grant Cottage Part F.jpg
Olana Part F.jpg

Olana State Historic Site

Hudson, NY

The Olana State Historic Site is a complex that was owned by Frederic Edwin Church, who was pivotal in the Hudson River School of landscape painting. This site is one of a few artist home, studio, and estate complexes
left intact today. RAN Fire Protection Engineering is included on this project to evaluate the current fire protection for the buildings in this historic site. We will also be documenting the current mist system and verify its accuracy with the original drawings. In this process, we will also identify the site's ability to limit fire damage to the structure. The drawings used in documenting the mist system will be updated using AutoCAD. RAN is tasked with analyzing the code to identify requirements for the original code of record for the fire protection system installation and any requirements for new or modified fire protection systems. Lastly, RAN will provide arbitration assistance with the Code Enforcement Official to identify any other concerns and develop a comprehensive protection plan.

Yoo D4 Condominiums

Boston, MA

This project involved the conversion and preservation of the historic District 4 (D4) police station into a luxury residential development. The 1931-built Georgian Revival brick and sandstone building, with its Corinthian pilasters and pediment windows, was vacated after 70 years of occupancy. Renovation of the approximately 57,000-square-foot building included the underground parking garage and the replacement of all building systems. There are now twenty-six residential units ranging in size from approximately 750 to 2000 square feet with a relatively even distribution of one, two, and three bedrooms.

YOO D4 Condos google.PNG

Image Source: Google Maps

Vassar College Chapel Organ.jpg

Vassar College Chapel Organ

Poughkeepsie, NY

RAN Fire Protection Engineering did consulting services for the Chapel Organ located at Vassar Chapel Organ at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. RAN Engineers designed a sprinkler system, in keeping it consistent of NFPA 13. RAN Also did the consulting services for the Fire Alarm Design which consulted on initiation layout in compliance with NFPA 72.

Grant Cottage
Vassar Organ
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