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Forensic Consulting
Expert Witness
Our many years of experience make us a great asset to any legal team. We understand the intricate details of how fires start and spread, as well as how installed fire protection systems should be triggered and deployed. Our engineers have had prior involvement in working as an expert witness and understand how to best present information in court.
Litigation Support
RAN uses computer fire models to reconstruct actual building fires. These models provide insight into the timeline of a fire. By incorporating known events into the fire model, the model can provide a prediction of the unknown variables. These models can assist in determining such information as when flashover occurred, when an egress path became untenable, or when a detector should have activated. Fire models can also prove invaluable in testing hypotheses of fire origin and cause. The more sophisticated models can also approximate when an occupant would be overcome by toxic gases.
Failure Analysis
RAN Fire Protection Engineering has years of experience in determining the cause of fire protection system failures. RAN engineers can determine the probable cause of system failures such as system design flaws, improper installation, or faulty equipment. RAN is thorough in investigating every possible scenario in order to determine the probable cause. Our failure analysis can lead to financial recovery for our client's losses.


Master Planning
Master planning is used to provide strategies and solutions for both short and long-term growth and development. RAN offers integrated solutions to meet our client’s objectives. RAN has implemented master plans for various universities, correctional facilities, and industrial clients.​

Life Cycle Analysis

RAN has years of experience in determining how long a fire protection system will last and how much each system will cost. Using this experience, our fire protection specialists can advise clients on the most cost effective and longest lasting fire protection system that will meet their specific needs.

Needed Fire Flow
The Needed Fire Flow is the amount of water that should be available to provide fire protection at specific areas in a community. RAN Fire Protection Engineering has years of experience working with Authorities Having Jurisdiction, government agencies and civil engineers to develop reasonable and effective water supplies that meet the needs of our clients. ​

Due Diligence
RAN can review and analyze a client’s fire protection systems for compliance with code and ordinances. We will provide each client with a report that includes technical and cost data to assist in property evaluation and selection processes.

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