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Bid Phase
RAN assists our clients in finding qualified contractors for a bid list, and we provide bid packages to bidders. RAN helps our clients to determine which company will be awarded a contract based on cost and understanding of the project's need.

Request for Information (RFI)
A contractor or subcontractor may use an RFI to obtain additional information on a project for a more accurate bid. RFI’s can be used to better understand a design, to request for a design change or substitution, or in the event of any issues that may arise. RAN responds in a timely manner to provide the best bid bases for our clients.

RAN reviews submittals to verify that the products and specified quantities meet the needs of the fire protection system. RAN includes detailed specs on products that will meet performance and life expectancy needs. RAN will work with contractors when they look to substitute materials to make sure the client receives a level of quality and performance they are expecting.

Site Observations

RAN performs site observations during construction to verify conformance with drawings and specifications. This process is used to ensure that products are being installed in accordance to the fire protection design, and to keep the project moving forward if unexpected field conditions appear.

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