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RAN Fire Protection Engineering is very familiar with the challenges and needs of the cannabis industry. RAN has a team of qualified Fire Protection Engineers who are equipped to handle the unique methods and careful approach necessary to achieve excellent Fire Protection and Life Safety Code solutions for cannabis facilities. We strictly adhere to intellectual property requirements and tight timelines. RAN has carried out many successful design and consulting projects with unique challenges for some of the largest firms in the cannabis industry.









From growth facilities, to processing and production facilities, to extraction and dispensaries, RAN has exposure in every step of the process in the cannabis industry.

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Cannabis Grow Facility

Warwick, NY

This company is an international cannabis company whose mission is to continuously research and grow naturally sourced cannabis with a goal to make cannabis more accessible to society. The Warwick site can support up to 125,000 sq-ft of total cultivation and processing space. RAN understands that grow lamps, plants, and plenty of flammable materials being used in the growth process can lead to a quick spread of a fire, therefore our approach requires specific but impactful solutions.

RAN Fire Protection Engineering was retained to provide designs for automatic fire sprinkler systems throughout all buildings to protect the grow facility. RAN also designed a fire alarm and detection system that activates the occupant notification system. 

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Cannabis Production Facility

Lowell, MA

RAN was retained to provide fire sprinkler and fire alarm design services for the cannabis growth facility located in Lowell, MA. The design included fire sprinkler systems protecting mother-growth and flower areas, as well as an extraction room where highly flammable solvents were in use. The sprinkler system protecting the extraction room was carefully designed to protect against the flammable conditions which could arise in the event of a solvent release within the room. The fire alarm design featured strategically located manual pull stations and notification appliances throughout the 80,000 sq-ft facility. RAN also developed design criteria for carbon dioxide detection to maintain levels below OSHA allowable limits within the growth and flower rooms which were constantly supplied with carbon dioxide to stimulate plant growth. 


Construction Cost: $325,000 Size: 80,000 sq-ft

Pharmaceutical & Recreational Cannabis Facilities

San Diego, CA; Lakeland, FL; Portsmouth, VA; Milford, DE


With locations across the United States, this client is one of the largest cannabis companies in the country. RAN Fire Protection Engineering has provided a range of consulting and design services for multiple sites in different states and jurisdictions, each providing unique challenges. The challenges stemmed from the variety of extraction methods used, which in turn affected the hazard classification of each facility - requiring specific solutions for each location.

RAN's engineers reviewed each building to ensure compliance with NFPA standards and local building/fire codes and provided code compliance guidance to help bring the facilities up to code. Due to the materials used in the extraction and production processes, hazardous materials plans were necessary to ensure safe operation and business continuity. Additionally, preliminary procedures for an Emergency Response Plan for fire, gas leaks, explosions, hazardous material exposure, and security threats were developed.

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Cannabis Dispensary

Worcester, MA

This company is one of the leading providers of cannabis products and related services. Their staff consists of professionals that implement the company’s vision of a retail cannabis experience that is educational and inviting to all consumers. They use their expertise to create professional and user-friendly experiences for both recreational and medical use. They use four core principles at their company, which are science, access, dignity, and compassion. These core principles allow the dispensary to provide their consumers with access to safe, reliable, and high-quality cannabis products.

RAN Fire Protection Engineering designed the fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems for this project, while developing a cost-efficient design within the parameters of the existing 100+ year old building. 

Construction Cost: $125,000 Size: 25,000 sq-ft


Cannabis Grow Facility
Cannabis Production Facility
Pharmaceutical & Recreational Cannabis Facilities
Cannabis Dispensary
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