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High Rise

JFK Federal Office Building

Boston, MA

Client: US General Services Administration

RAN Fire Protection Engineering was retained to design fire alarms for the twin 26 story high-rise buildings. The scope of services provided by RAN included design of new detection devices and notification appliances throughout the entire building. Existing fire controls and programming were modified to activate and monitor the new equipment.

Notification appliance power booster panels were installed on each floor next to an existing fire alarm riser cabinet and each booster panel includes an addressable monitor module. The previous conventional smoke detectors and pull stations were replaced with addressable smoke detectors and pull stations.
RAN engineers developed a design that allowed for a phasing construction that would meet NFPA standards
and codes at all times. This was required because the building was fully occupied with many different agencies.

Construction Cost: $1,500,000 Size: 26 Stories

JFK Building, Boston, MA
Corning Tower & Agency Buildngs

Corning Tower & Agency Buildings

Albany, NY

Client: New York State Office of General Services

RAN Fire Protection Engineering was retained by the Office of General Services to provide fire protection engineering services on the Corning Tower and the four Agency Buildings. RAN used ultra sonic testing on fire protection pipes in 207 different locations to identify their condition and life expectancy. This allowed RAN to lower construction costs by replacing only the corroded pipes.


A code analysis was performed on each building to ensure the plans are up to NFPA standards and New York State Building Code. All upgrades meet NFPA 14 and NFPA 20 code requirements.


New automatic fire pumps needed to be implemented into the design, as the Corning Tower and Agency Buildings previous fire pumps were manual and only feed to the standpipe systems, not the sprinkler systems. The new upgrades involved automatic fire pumps and automatic transfer switches.

Construction Cost: $2.5 million Size: 22 Stories

Corning Tower
JFK Fed Office Builing

Motor Mart Garage

Boston, MA

Client: Motor Mart

Motor Mart Garage is an 8-story high-rise parking garage constructed in 1927 as a parking storage building.  It is a unique five -sided structure with 7 levels of parking and ground floor retail space. The original building’s fire protection systems were in need of considerable upgrades to meet the current building code requirements. RAN’s president provided lead fire protection design services.  A new diesel fire pump was installed to serve one of the largest dry pipe sprinklers system in the city of Boston.


Construction Cost: $250,000 Size: 8 stories

Motor Mart Garage
Millnnium Phrmaceuticals

Millennium Pharmaceuticals

Cambridge, MA

Client: Millennium Pharmaceuticals


RAN Fire Protection Engineering provided fire protection sprinkler and standpipe designs for the 35 Landsdowne street project for Millennium Pharmaceuticals. This building contained 217,000 sq-ft of laboratory and office space, with a vivarium laboratory and animal holding facility on the fifth floor. A small clean room was constructed for use in sensitive experiments. The building also contains a 150- seat auditorium, a full service cafe, and staff lounges on every floor.

Construction Cost: $1.4 Million Size: 9 Stories 

Independence Wharf

Boston, MA

Client: Cushman & Wakefield


RAN Fire Protection Engineering provided lead fire protection engineering services for the total interior and exterior renovation of the 14 story high rise at 470 Atlantic Avenue. The site of Independence Wharf is in the location of the Boston Tea Party, which integrates the rich history of the city. The renovated building addressed both the innovations of the 21st century Boston and the historic significance of the wharf. The scope of work involved the design of the base building fire protection systems to provide the future tenant fir out demands. The fire protection system design included a new fire pump along with base building sprinkler/stand-pipe system distribution.

Construction Cost: $1.2 Million Size: 14 Stories 

Independence Wharf

Additional Projects


Motor Mart
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