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New Hires at The Albany Office!

RAN Fire Protection Engineering is continuously growing, and with that comes new hires! This summer marks our second summer at 417 New Karner Road in Albany, and these two hires are here to help us expand our presence at this location. We were able to welcome these new hires because of our loyal clients and hardworking team here at RAN. Without further ado, the new hires at the Albany Office!

The first hire we will be highlighting is Matthew Guarneri, who will be one of our Fire Protection Designers! Many of you may recognize Matthew because he has interned for RAN for the past two summers, but officially started as a full-time employee in June of 2023!

Matthew graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) with his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in May of 2023. He has decided to pursue a master’s degree in Fire Protection Engineering from WPI post-graduation. In addition to Matthew’s education, he has gained extensive experience and knowledge through his time as an intern at RAN and through his MQP.

When asked what he does in his free time, Matthew responded with the following:

“Since I was a former student athlete, I needed something to fill my time. Since I was used to training for football, I made the switch to powerlifting. It’s a great outlet for me to de-stress and live in my own little world. It’s been a great way for me to meet new people as well. I also enjoy cooking and spending time with my family. There is nothing better than being surrounded by great food and even better people.”

We also asked Matthew why he decided to stay with RAN after interning and graduating:

“During my experience as an intern, I felt this was the best environment for a young engineer to flourish after graduation. I saw how hard working and committed everyone here is and knew I had to be a part of it. I am inspired every day to work alongside such amazing and knowledgeable people. I am very blessed to start full time and grow alongside my peers in fire protection.”

We are excited to have Matthew as a full-time employee and part of the RAN team! He provides us will a variety of skills and we cannot wait to see him blossom with RAN.

Our next hire has also been an intern for RAN for the past two years. She interned during the summers and even during the busy semesters. With that being said, Morgan Tambolleo is our new Marketing Coordinator!

Morgan graduated from Siena College with her bachelor's degree in Marketing in May of 2023. She has decided to widen her knowledge by pursuing an MBA in Strategic Management from Siena College post-graduation. In addition to Morgan’s education, she has gained a variety of experience through her time at RAN, and even became proficient in digital marketing and email marketing.

When asked what she does in her free time, Morgan responded with the following:

“As someone who loves adventures and trying new things, I love to travel in my free time. I like exploring new places and making new memories any chance I get, whether it’s with my family or friends. I also find the adventure and stories of different locations fun because you never know what to expect.”

When asked why she decided to stay with RAN after graduating, she replied:

“RAN was always supportive of me ever since I first stepped into the office, whether it was school, work, or the unexpected situations that occur in life. RAN also allowed me to accept responsibility early on in my internship and have a fair range of creative freedom. Lastly, the people here at RAN truly care about one another and focus on building relationships with people, rather than viewing them as a client.”

We are excited to welcome Morgan to the RAN team as a full-time employee! She provides a variety of skills and accepts new responsibilities as they are presented to her. We cannot wait to see her thrive with RAN!

In addition to our Albany Office growing, so is our Rochester Office! Stay tuned to see a new change coming to the Rochester Office in late August!

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