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Announcement from RAN: New Beginnings!

RAN Fire Protection Engineering is growing!! We have so much big news, we’ll be spreading out our announcements over these next few newsletters, so keep your eyes peeled!

This month, we want to announce that we are MOVING! This summer we’ll be saying goodbye to our first home at 1062 Central Ave and hello to our forever home at 417 New Karner Road. This new building will give us plenty of room to grow. We’re taking this building and making it our own. You’ll see in this newsletter “before” pictures of our building. Stay tuned for updates throughout the construction process because we promise you won’t be able to recognize the inside when it’s finished!

Purchasing our own office space has been a goal for Doug and Chris for some time. After looking at several other locations, this building offered the most benefits for our company—and only a mile from the famous Blessings Tavern!

New Employee

Not only are we moving locations, but our staff is also growing! We have hired 4 new people in the past few weeks. It would be impossible to introduce all four in one newsletter, so we will be introducing our new team members periodically for the rest of the year.

This month, we’re highlighting our newest full-time hire, Tyler Tamblin! Tyler is a registered professional fire protection engineer, bringing us to a total of six qualified fire protection engineers on our team. To learn more about qualified fire protection engineers and their importance for Federal contracting, click HERE.

About Tyler:

Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering, SUNY Buffalo (Graduated 2014)

Master of Engineering in Fire Protection, University at Maryland (Graduated 2018)

Tyler has joined Tim in leading our Rochester office. Tyler is highly qualified as he has a master's degree in fire protection engineering and is a Licensed Professional Fire Protection Engineer in two states. He is originally from the Rochester area and is happy to be back working in his hometown.

In his free time, he enjoys playing golf with friends. When is not playing golf, he is spending time and playing with his dog.

A few interesting things about Tyler are he is a big Buffalo Bills fan, and he is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Some fun news that Tyler has to share is he is getting married in July! We are looking forward to finding out what other fun and interesting things Tyler possess.

Tyler decided that RAN was where he wanted to be because he was looking for a smaller local firm that had the intention of increasing connections between the work and the clients. He saw RAN as the perfect fit and became a part of the team. We are excited to have him and are eager to see him grow with the team!

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