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System Design

Fire Alarm

RAN designs fire alarm systems by understanding a building's occupancies, and incorporating the protection philosophy of management. We customize each design for the building type and use. For example, our engineers have designed specialty unobtrusive systems for historic properties. We can also investigate your current fire alarm system to determine if it still meets code requirements. Our professionals are active in the codes and standards development process and stay abreast of the latest code changes and technology. We also have installation knowledge and marketing experience - we understand the industry's process.​

Automatic Sprinkler

An automatic sprinkler system provides one of the most reliable methods available for controlling fires, thereby minimizing property damage and business interruption. We can help you design water suppression systems, including standpipes and all types of sprinkler systems: wet pipe; dry pipe; and pre-action. Properly installed and maintained automatic suppression systems are also very effective for life safety, as they warn of fire and apply water to control or extinguish the fire. RAN engineers also include fire pumps in automatic sprinkler design where necessary. Fire pumps are generally used in buildings where the water supply does not have enough pressure or the supply is from standing water. RAN will size a fire pump for a project for the actual hydraulic demand, which allows for a coordinated design with competitive bidding.​

Special Hazard

High hazard buildings require a more customized fire protection system. Explosive or flammable material, highly valuable property, and resources critical to operation are a few factors that pose unique challenges when designing a fire protection system. RAN has designed specialty systems including:

  • Pilot Plants

  • Foam Chamber Design

  • Foam Systems

  • Clean Agent Systems

  • Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) Storage Protection

  • Exposure Protection

  • Explosion Calculation

  • Explosion Venting Design

  • Explosion Suppression


Our engineers have experience in designing standpipe systems that have adequate water supply volumes at the proper pressure. RAN can design Class I, II, or III standpipe systems. RAN's engineers have designed standpipes for a variety of buildings including, high-rises, commercial, correctional facilities, and more.​


Designing egress systems is engineering a way for occupants of a building to exit a building quickly and safely in the case of an incident. Means of egress design is separated into three parts: exit access, exit, and exit discharge. Our engineers have extensive experience integrating the proper means for efficient evacuation. Our egress designs include mass notification systems and mass evacuation design.​

Green Building & LEED Design

RAN provides innovative sustainable solutions that are in compliance with the US Green Building Council and LEED’s regulations and standards. We have LEED™ 2.1 Accredited Professionals on staff.

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