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Why is Education So Important?

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You don't know what you don't know.

13,000. The number of feet you are above the ground, and you just jumped out of a plane.

As you are free falling, you realize you do not know how, or when, to pul,l the parachute cord. Now what?

Education is similar, especially when it comes to fire protection. How are you supposed to make an impact and change when you don't know anything about fire protection? Education in fire protection is important, and RAN is taking the initiative to help students and colleagues learn more about the industry.

Doug and Chris use their knowledge of the industry and share it with students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute each semester. By talking to the up and coming architects of the next generation, RAN is able to give them real life experiences and life lessons from the insider's perspective. If you don't know what you're in for, then how can you prepare?

RAN also believes in continuing education once you are in the industry as well. One major impact our engineers make is through the Halfmoon Seminars across the Northeast. RAN's projects, ideas, and personal experiences are showcased through research and presentations given by our President and lead engineer.

Often times, prevention through education is overlooked. Taking a few extra minutes to read through a short article, or look over drawings one more time, can make a world of difference in the fire protection industry. Those few minutes could be the difference between preventing a fire and being too late because the building is already a pile of debris.

Don't be the guy free falling and wondering what comes next. Educate yourself and pass it along to another engineer, or architect, or intern - you never know who will be jumping out of that plane next!


Guten Tag!

Doug enjoyed a week full of German cuisine, sight seeing, and attended the 2017 ISH Conference with WMS Sales. RAN would like to extend a huge Thank You to WMS Sales for all of their hard work on our Elmira project! We look forward to more successful projects in the future. Photo: Heidelberg Castle


NEW! Marketing Corner

Over the last few months, we have been receiving an overwhelming amount of questions about our marketing strategy. What better way to answer them than to share with everyone in the industry! Keep an eye out as we discuss different topics in each newsletter. If you have a question, or want to know more about a topic, please email Jen at or tweet us @RANfpe.

Marketing Corner

Burnt on Sales

Do you ever feel like you try so hard to sell something to an engineer, but then never hear from them again?

The problem: Engineers are not buying your product, sure they might want to learn about the product, but typically do not have the purchasing power.

The fix: Try to show them how they can benefit from your product/services. Make it more personable by doing a demo, or explaining that the product may free up some time or make the work load lighter. Engineers are concerned with their time constraints to design. Understand the engineers' perspective and then they will have a reason to promote your product to their client.

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