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What's New at RAN?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

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In this time of uncertainty, there is one thing that will remain constant: RAN’s commitment to our clients. Although it may not seem like business as usual, we are still prioritizing our clients and putting all of our energy into our work. Due to our ongoing support in projects for federal agencies, state agencies, power plants and waste treatment facilities, RAN has been deemed essential in both New York State and Massachusetts. Since we are essential, we will continue to operate as normally as possible. Despite this unprecedented situation, we are working hard to ensure that we work efficiently to continue our progress on current projects and can take on additional projects. Since we are an essential business, we can provide all the services we normally offer. We have organized our office in a way that will further optimize our efficiency so we can meet strict deadlines and take on urgent projects.

New project: Samaritan Medical Center Plaza MRI/CT/Radiology

Watertown, NY

Client: King + King and Jade Stone Engineering

We have extensive experience in the healthcare industry. RAN is currently working on a Radiology Clinic project for two Samaritan Medical Center locations in Watertown, New York. This project uniquely requires engineering experience for healthcare facilities, renovations and retrofitting, and protection of sensitive high-value equipment. The buildings are currently undergoing 4,600 and 9,400 square-foot gut renovations. RAN was brought on to the project to design fire protection for the specialized equipment. This building will contain many highly specialized pieces of equipment including MRI, CT and x-ray machines, so the fire protection inside needs to be effective while minimizing the potential for water damage. We analyzed the existing fire protection in the building and designed systems as needed. The systems we designed include an automatic sprinkler system and standpipe systems.

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Even though all the restaurants are closed for now as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all dreaming about the next time we can get our hands on our favorite meal. Our thoughts are with those affected most by these closures, and are hoping for they’re able to open again soon! Everyone has a favorite restaurant, and we all love our restaurant for different reasons, but there is one characteristic that we all value—consistency. When you get the chance to visit your restaurant, you expect the food to taste a certain way, and expect the service to be up to your standards. If the restaurant ceases to provide great service and food consistently, you will likely feel disappointed.

The recipe for consistency for engineering boils down to three things: adherence to due dates, efficiency, and a collaborative work environment. At RAN, we work hard to ensure that we consistently deliver effective designs that meet our clients’ needs. This is perfectly summed up in our mission: “Our clients expect satisfaction—we earn loyalty.”

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