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The Federal Government and RAN

Private and State work is only part of what we do at RAN Fire Protection Engineering. In addition to hundreds of private jobs, we have completed many projects for local, state, and federal agencies.

Under UFC 3-600-01, any Federal project that involves the construction or modification of a fire protection system requires a licensed fire protection engineer to assist and review all aspects of the design process. A fire protection engineer is imperative to the design team whenever building code analysis, life safety code analysis, automatic detection, suppression systems design, water supply analysis, and other fire-related services are needed.

RAN Fire Protection Engineering, P.C. takes pride in being one of the only qualified fire protection engineering firms between New York City and Syracuse. Our specialty benefits our clients that have Federal contracts requiring specific fire protection demands.

Our approach to completing government jobs is the same way we conduct business in the private sector: providing superior fire protection engineering. We have secured indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contracts as well as many other short-term projects. These projects present unique challenges like following specific federal guidelines that are not necessarily present in the private sector. Our federal work spans the entire Northeast. We have had the honor of working with many different federal agencies, such as the General Services Administration and the Department of Defense. Some of the other agencies we have worked with are listed below.

Federal Buildings in New Haven, Connecticut

Though we often design sprinkler systems, fire protection engineering is so much more than that. In [year] we secured a project to design fire alarms for five federal buildings in New Haven, Connecticut. These buildings already had fire alarms systems, but they needed to be redesigned in order to comply with NFPA standards.

Two buildings were an office building and a historic courthouse that were attached by an underground parking garage. What was interesting about this part of the project was the historic courthouse. The Richard C. Lee United States Courthouse was built over 100 years ago. Due to its historical significance and the unique use of marble throughout the building, we worked closely with architects specializing in historical buildings. This partnership helped to ensure the historical features of the building were preserved.

The three remaining buildings had a fire alarm system that was connected; however, only two of these buildings needed new fire alarm systems. In order to properly connect these three buildings, our engineers needed to interface the two new systems with the old system.

Click Here to learn more about our other government projects!

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Franck Ribery
Franck Ribery

The fire alarm system installation by Local Locksmith Olympia company was a seamless experience. The team was not only skilled but also very considerate of my preferences and concerns. I'm impressed with their dedication to delivering a top-notch safety solution.

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