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New Year... New Changes

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

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RAN Fire Protection Engineering, New Changes

2017 was a busy year for RAN; however this year we have some awesome changes taking place! We are excited to see what the new year will bring and are excited to make our first big announcement that Chris Crivello is now a Principal at RAN!

Congratulations Chris!

Doug Nadeau; RAN Fire Protection Engineering

A Note from Our President, Doug Nadeau

I have been asked over the years what RAN stands for; it is my father’s initials. I started the company shortly after he passed away and named it in his honor. My father was an accountant/controller that helped many people, time and again, becoming a major influence in their career success. He earned their respect and loyalty by simply giving, and expecting nothing thereof. RAN’s major purpose is to provide opportunities to others. By employing a straightforward approach to RAN, Chris Crivello embraced and made the most of what was offered.  Chris started out as a RAN intern while going to college. He worked hard, he listened, and he applied the skills he developed. He was made a full time employee after graduating and then went on to earn a master’s degree in fire protection at night. He is the youngest engineer that I ever worked with to get his PE. I can honestly say that Chris has been a major contributor to RAN from the beginning.  Chris is one reason why RAN is successful in business and fun to have on a project. RAN’s foundation is about sharing in the success and recognizing those that have helped. Part of sharing in the success is sharing in the ownership of that success. It is with honor and pride that I can announce that Chris has been made a Principal of RAN. Now that Chris starts this new chapter, in his career he is open to receiving advice on being a business owner. My advice to Chris is to grow in his career while making sure that his hat size doesn’t grow with it. Please do not hesitate to email Chris ( with any other advice you might want to give.

RAN Fire Protection Enigneering; New Jersey Devils

Chris Crivello; RAN Fire Protection Engineering

A Note from our Newest Principal, Chris Crivello

Hello everyone.  Now that I have been formally introduced as a Principal at RAN, Doug has asked me to write about what this accomplishment means to me.  Right now I don’t have a good answer to that question; it still feels a little surreal.  I know how hard I have worked for this opportunity, and the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into helping RAN grow into the company we are today, but my dad always taught me that you don’t know it all until you’re 35; so ask me this question again in another six years and maybe I will be able to answer it for you.  What I can tell you now is what this accomplishment means to the people who have helped me get here: My parents, Steve and Michelle, have dedicated their entire lives molding me into the man I have become.  Growing up watching and learning from the sacrifices they made to run and grow their own business will be invaluable to me as I embark on this new journey in life. The most important life lesson my Uncle Joe ever taught me was “don’t follow the money, follow your heart”.  When I signed on to work for a start-up RAN fresh out of college, he was the one person who knew I was making the right decision, and for that I am grateful. No one deserves more credit for helping me get to the position I am in today than my beautiful wife, Eileen.  For all the late nights and long weekends I have put in, with everything she does for me, it’s still a mystery how I fell in love with her all by myself.  And guess what babe; it’s not going to get any easier now that I am a partner! Lastly, a little more than seven years ago, my new partner offered me a chance when no one else would.  From day one he saw the potential in me, and knew how to bring the best out of me with each and every test.  Doug, you have always treated me like the son you never had, and I look forward to continuing to grow under your guidance in my new role.

A few activities that Doug and Chris are involved with in March include:

  • Chris & Doug are giving a  presentation to RPI architectural students on performance based fire protection design.

  • Chris is traveling to Japan for a project to upgrade fire protection systems in a chemical plant. 

  • Doug is traveling to Texas for the design of  new fire protection systems throughout an industrial facility. 

  • Doug is presenting to over 300 attendees  at The Finger Lakes Building Officials Association Educational Conference.

  • Chris and Doug are talking to 110  fire protection designers at the Fire Protection Symposium for the New England Association of Fire Protection System Designers.

RAN Fire Protection Engineering

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