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Meet Our Interns: Summer 2021

The Summer of 2021 has been exciting for RAN because three interns have been hired to help us achieve our goal of providing our clients with satisfaction and earning their loyalty. The three interns provide RAN with a variety of skills and knowledge, and they are developing more with their time here. One of our interns, Patrick, has been working as an intern for RAN since last summer, and we are happy to have him again this summer! We are eager to watch the interns grow and develop during their time here at RAN.

Let’s get to know the interns better!

1. Why did you choose RAN?

Patrick: I chose RAN because it is a great place with opportunities to learn, grow and succeed. As an intern, I have been a part of many interesting projects, given the opportunity to go on site, and have some of my own responsibilities; all while learning from knowledgeable and experienced staff to make me a better student in the fire protection engineering field.

Matt: I chose RAN because Doug explained to me the amazing growth and learning opportunities that I would have as an intern. RAN’s philosophy on earning loyalty had greatly influenced me to pursue this great opportunity. I had only heard and seen very little about fire protection engineering, but I was hooked and felt RAN was the best place to experience it. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be an intern.

Morgan: I chose RAN because the work environment has exceeded anything I have ever experienced before. I feel comfortable going to anyone in the office for anything and I feel like my opinions are heard. I am treated as a true part of the team and I am given opportunities I wouldn’t get anywhere else as an intern.

2. What is your goal for your internship this summer?

Patrick: My goal for my internship this summer is to continue to learn more about fire protection and gain as much experience in the field as possible. I hope to be able to take on more responsibilities and be self-sufficient in my work.

Matt: For this summer I want to dive headfirst into all things fire protection. My goal is to experience as much as I can in any opportunity available. From going on numerous field site visits to reading the specific fire code behind the design, it is all so fascinating. As an intern, every day is a great opportunity to learn something new. Each day I make sure to learn a new lesson no matter how big or small. Despite learning in school 8 months out of the year, getting hands on engineering experience this summer has been a learning journey.

Morgan: My goal for my internship this summer is to be able to teach anyone about fire protection like I have known it for years. I already see myself gaining basic knowledge through the marketing work I have done, but I still have a lot to learn.

3. What is one professional skill you are working on?

Patrick: I am working on problem solving skills. Problems sometimes arise when working on a project. Being able to work through a problem and come up with a solution is an important part of the job. It will help me as I work on various projects.

Matt: Each of my professional skills need work but, to focus on one would be communication. I learned that there is great importance in clear and timely communication. As an intern at RAN, I saw how little details can easily make the biggest difference. If those details were not communicated properly it can lead to large mistakes.

Morgan: One professional skill I am working on is communication. Communication is a huge part in marketing, especially when looking for new clients. You need to be able to explain to clients why your company provides value. I hope to master this skill in the near future.

4. What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

Patrick: I enjoy grilling during my free time. I have successfully smoked a brisket, ribs, pulled pork and a chicken. I am working on a few more this summer.

Matt: I currently play Division III football at WPI. Along with training for football I also like to train for strongman events. Strongman is a strength and endurance competition with different lifting events. For me it is a fun way to destress and keep active. After my football career comes to an end, I would like to compete in strongman and further test my athletic abilities.

Morgan: One thing most people don’t know about me is I love basketball. I watch NBA games all the time and my favorite team is the Boston Celtics. I also played all throughout high school and was a captain my senior year. I miss playing so much that I am thinking of joining an intramurals team at Siena this year.

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