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May 2018 Newsletter!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

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The Confidence Man

By Joeseph Sinisgalli

RAN Fire Protection Engineering asked Joe Sinisgalli to write down his thoughts on meeting a Yankee legend. We hope you enjoy his insights.

Inside the mind of baseball’s greatest closer, Mariano Rivera.

A few months back I had the honor to meet one of baseball’s greatest players. It brought me back to the days of sitting in Yankee Stadium watching the bullpen doors swing open in the ninth inning, feeling the surge of adrenaline as he stepped through to the thumping sound system playing Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”. And enter he did, Mariano Rivera

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Japanese Baseball

Even when on a business trip to Japan for some consulting work, Chris Crivello & Joe Sinisgalli were able to get a little baseball in and watch the Lions vs. the Eagles in the Seibu Dome.

Marketing Corner: Baseball & Marketing Baseball & Marketing - the similarity is seen when looking into the eyes of someone that is trying to pitch you their service. Let’s really dig in and think about this - What is the goal of baseball games?  To score runs and win!! What is the end goal of a marketing meeting?  To score clients and win projects!! They both share the end goal of winning!  In both scenarios, there are steps to follow in order to get that desired outcome.  Let’s take a look at marketing in baseball terms while rounding the bases.

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