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Marketing Corner: Recipe to Consistency

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

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Even though all the restaurants are closed for now as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all dreaming about the next time we can get our hands on our favorite meal. Our thoughts are with those affected most by these closures, and are hoping for they’re able to open again soon! Everyone has a favorite restaurant, and we all love our restaurant for different reasons, but there is one characteristic that we all value—consistency. When you get the chance to visit your restaurant, you expect the food to taste a certain way, and expect the service to be up to your standards. If the restaurant ceases to provide great service and food consistently, you will likely feel disappointed.

The recipe for consistency for engineering boils down to three things: adherence to due dates, efficiency, and a collaborative work environment. At RAN, we work hard to ensure that we consistently deliver effective designs that meet our clients’ needs. This is perfectly summed up in our mission: “Our clients expect satisfaction—we earn loyalty.”

Operating your business with consistency is important for your brand image and reputation in the industry. In good times and bad, it’s important to your clients that you remain consistently reliable. Having a reputation of being reliable is very powerful tool to have in your marketing toolbox. When difficult times hit, your clients will turn to the people they trust. Having the ability to reassure your clients that you will continue to provide the results they are used to will make them feel more confident in their choice to continue to do business with you.

In order to achieve consistent results, there are three basic things your company should focus on:

1. Adherence to due dates

2. Efficiency

3. Open Communication

Adherence to due dates:

Adhering to due dates is the central to providing consistent service. Your clients need to be sure that they can count on you to delivered the promised materials on time. If due dates are not followed, your company may be the bottleneck of the project, leading to friction in the relationship with your client. This could make your client see you as unreliable and inconsistent, which could ultimately make your client look elsewhere.


Working efficiently is essential to maintaining consistent results. When your company works with high efficiency, you are able to deliver great results in a timely manner, make due dates, and your operation will run smoothly. This will reduce friction in your office and with your clients, making you more consistent.

Open Communication

It is extremely important to maintain communication with your client. Consistent communication will put your client at ease because they will know the progress of the project. Open communication within your company is also important because it will help improve efficiency. Keeping an open dialogue will promote consistent performance because you and your client will be on the same page throughout the progress of the project.

By working to enforce these three goals within your business, you will be able to achieve consistent performance for your clients.

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