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Get to Know Our Summer 2024 Interns!

It’s time to announce our three new interns for the Summer 2024! One of our fire protection design interns attends Rochester Institute of Technology and another attends Worcester Polytechnic Institute, which are both in the Top 100 for 2024 Best Engineering Schools! Ready to get to know the interns? Check out their bios below!

Brianna Kondracki

Brianna is a marketing intern in our Albany office this summer! She is currently a junior at Siena College majoring in Marketing. She was drawn to marketing after taking two introduction classes and found a passion for digital marketing. Brianna learned about RAN through a career fair at Siena College but admitted to not knowing much about the Fire Protection industry at first. Since starting her internship, Brianna has already further developed her knowledge about the Fire Protection industry, as well as her marketing and computer skills by learning and doing more involving a variety of marketing tasks. She hopes to learn more about how marketing works within a company like RAN. Brianna looks forward to applying the skills that she has learned from her marketing and management classes to tasks she completes during her internship. We are already so proud of the growth she has made and cannot wait to see her flourish even more!

Benjamin Fedor

Ben is a fire protection designer intern in our Rochester office this summer! He is currently a junior at Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He knew he had a passion for engineering because of his fascination with understanding how things worked and taking things apart and putting them back together. Ben found RAN while searching for a summer internship and I thought that fire protection engineering sounded interesting. He did not know much about the industry, but that is what intrigued him more. He hopes to be able to apply what he has learned on school to the internship and vice versa. Through the internship, Ben anticipates gaining a better understanding of what an engineering position is like and further developing his CAD skills. We are excited to have Ben interning for us this summer and we cannot wait to see him grow!

Gunnar Rorapaugh

Gunnar is a fire protection design intern in our Rochester office this summer! He is currently a junior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Gunnar was drawn to engineering because he always had an interest in how things function. Gunnar was interested in RAN because the internship focused on more of a hands-on approach. He knew that this type of experience was exactly what he was looking for, as this was a reason why he chose to attend WPI. Before Gunnar started his internship, he admitted to knowing very little about the fire protection industry. He hopes to be able to apply his time management skills to this internship, as being a college student taught him to stay on top of his work. This can help him because it will make sure that he is completing the work at hand on time. Throughout the internship, Gunnar is looking to develop his teamwork skills as he believes that developing these skills for work environments will be valuable for him in the future. We are thrilled to have Gunnar interning for us this summer and cannot wait to see him prosper.

In addition to their professional bios, we thought it would be fun to include some fun facts about our new interns to get to know them better!

What’s one interesting fact about yourself?

Brianna: One interesting fact about myself is that I have a twin sister who also attends the same college as me.

Ben: I went backpacking and canoed in the Adirondacks for a week one summer. It was a very fun experience, and I would highly recommend it to anyone that likes to be outdoors.

Gunnar: I am an officer of the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers club at WPI and run a project where members modify and experiment with hobby remote control cars. I also help with other projects like building a go-kart and running information and SolidWorks seminars. 

What superpower do you wish you had and why?

Brianna: If I could choose one superpower to acquire, I would choose the power of teleportation because sometimes it would be nice to be in more than one place at once or go anywhere we want when we want at the snap of our fingers.

Ben: Teleportation or super speed would be cool. I sometimes dislike how long travel takes, it would be cool to get to places quickly or get to place I normally couldn’t. Either of those two also strikes me as having relatively particle applications as well so I think I could get good use out of them in my day-to-day life.

Gunnar: I would probably choose the ability to fly since it would cut down on how much time is spent traveling from place to place.

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