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Did You Know? Special Hazard

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

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RAN Provides Special Hazard Designs

High hazard buildings require a customized fire protection system. Explosive or flammable material, high value property, and resources critical to operation are a few factors that pose unique challenges when designing a fire protection system. RAN engineers have experience in designing specialty fire protection systems including:

  • Aerosol Suppression Systems

  • Clean Agent Suppression Sytems

  • Foam Systems/Foam Chamber Design

  • Very Early Warning Smoke Detection

  • Explosive venting design

  • Exposure Protection

  • Dry Chemical

  • Water Mist

  • Water Spray

  • Pilot Plants

Special Hazard Project Examples

Disaster Recovery Print Room

Double-interlock pre-action sprinkler system, clean agent system, fire alarm

OFT Data & Network Center

Air Sampling Detection, Sapphire Suppression, and Double Interlock Pre-Action System Planning

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