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Did You Know? Federal Work

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

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RAN Works in the Federal Sector!

RAN has been included as the subcontractor on many federal projects due to our unique fire protection knowledge and our ability to provide the licensed fire protection engineers required by the Federal government. Some of the Federal government agencies that RAN has worked with include:

  • General Services Administration

  • Air National Guard

  • US Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory

  • Department of Defense

  • Internal Revenue Services

  • Homeland Security

  • US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

  • US Customs and Border Protection

  • United States Courts

  • US Environmental Protection Agency

Federal Project Examples

John F. Kennedy Federal Office Building

Fire alarm System Design for High Rise Building

Stratton Air National Guard Base

Sprinkler and High Expansion Foam

Suppression System Design

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