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Big Celebrations at RAN!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

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RAN's Big Celebrations!

The first half of 2019 have been run of the mill for RAN. The first being RAN has been awarded the OGS 2019 Fire Protection Term Contract in addition to our collection of previous terms as prime, along with our terms as a sub for GSA, VA, SUCF, DASNY.

Our second celebration? RAN has a new website! You are the first to see our new website design at You are able to view our work online and download/print via PDF. We are beyond excited to share this with you and hope you love it just as much as we do!

Meet Connor! Our newest engineer in training. We asked Connor a few questions to get to know him beyond hydraulic calcs and CAD drawings.

1. Where did you grow up? What is one of your favorite memories of living there?

I grew up in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. My favorite memories of living there are going down to the beach - kayaking, swimming, paddle-boarding, checking out art festivals and local events, and just generally having a good time down by the coast.

2. If you weren’t an engineer, what career path would you take?

The two other career paths I joke about having all the time are restaurateur and botanist. Restaurateur because I love to cook, especially for other people. My friends and I like to put on somewhat elaborate events over the weekend that focus on making good food, with a different theme every time. We like to joke that we should all just quit our jobs and open up a brewpub. And then a botanist because I grew up gardening with my Mom, and while I wouldn’t say that I have a green thumb, I would definitely say that I caught the garden bug. To this day, I have at least a dozen houseplants in my apartment taking up all the window space that they can find, with plans for more soon. Whenever I go hiking, my friends like to make fun of me for spending so much time looking at plants.

3. If you could go anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go?

I love the outdoors, and my favorite places to travel have been the ones with the most beautiful scenery. For that reason, I think that I would travel to New Zealand. The incredible variety of natural landscapes that all exist in such a small region is super enticing, and I would spend as much time hiking as possible. A few of my friends have gone, and they have all come back with amazing stories.

4. What made you want to have a career in fire protection engineering?

The pivotal moment was at the fall career fair during my sophomore year at WPI. I was in the process of deciding which path I should take within mechanical engineering, and I set out to talk to people in as many different sectors as possible; I wanted to get a glimpse of what it was like in the real world. The area which most sparked my interest was fire protection, so I signed up for the intro course and it was all downhill from there. What most spoke to me was the combination of exciting research and real-world impact that are at the core of fire protection engineering, and that made it easy to decide what industry I wanted to get involved in.

5. What actives do you enjoy when you aren’t working or doing school work?

My three main hobbies are cooking, baking bread, and home-brewing beer. I recently started making my own kombucha, and I’ve picked up running because it gets me out into the city more to really explore what’s around me. I also keep myself busy with fixing things up around my apartment and the occasional art project here and there.

6. Where was your favorite place to travel, and what cool adventures did you do when you were there?

Last year, my family went to Iceland as kind of our last big trip since my brothers and I had all graduated college, and I cannot wait to go back. Every place we went was so beautiful that it almost didn’t seem real, and there are so many more places to go. My favorite day was when my brothers and I rented a car and drove down the coast to the southern part of the island. We saw puffins, stood under waterfalls, walked on glaciers, and swam in geothermally heated pools. It was amazing.

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