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2015 Christmas Newsletter

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

This is an extension of our quarterly newsletter. To subscribe to our newsletter updates, visit the Contact page.

President's Message

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 2015 was both a great year for RAN Fire Protection

Engineering and a marker for the company's 5th year in business. The idea for this business came to me in 1998 while riding trains between Boston projects and it has been a blessing to see how it has grown. In only 5 years, RAN has transformed into the "go to" fire protection engineering firm for many building owners, architects, and MEP engineering companies across the country.

RAN was started with the purpose of providing opportunities for the people which I now have had the pleasure of working ·with, both clients and employees. The loyalty of our clients is the foundation for providing these opportunities. Because of our clients, and the relationships that we have formed, we have developed into the company we are today. I am truly thankful for everyone who helped us get our start and contributed to our growth. I look forward to the future and the fun that fuels RAN's efforts.


2015 News

This year we updated our logo and website ( designs

  • Chris Crivello graduated with a Masters degree in Fire Protection Engineering from WPI and received his Professional Engineering License in fire protection engineering.

  • Glenn DeFrees joined our team as a Fire Protection Engineer. Tiffany Ewing joined our team as Fire Protection Designer.

  • Jacki Bishop joined our team as our Marketing Coordinator.

  • We are currently on 10 State and Federal Government Term Contracts. We currently have our own NYS OGS Fire Alarm Design term contract.

Christmas Tree Safety

'Tis the season where family and friends come together to celebrate the holidays. Treats will be made, gifts will be given, and decorations will be hung. According to th e America n Christmas Tree Association; 78% of U.S. households will display a Christmas tree in their home.

Bringing a Christmas tree into a home presents a potential fire hazard. While Christ mas tree fires are not common, when they do occur they tend to cause significant damage. Christmas tree fires reach the ceiling within 5 seconds of starting (National Instit ute of Standards and Technology2). Below are some simple steps to prevent a fire this holidayseason.

1. H20

Keep the tree well hydrated. Make sure to water your tree each day.

2. . "I Wouldn't Touch It With A 9 ½ Foot Pole"

Okay, maybe its not the Grinch and 9.5 feet is excessive, but do keep your tree a minimum of 3 feet away from any heat source such as fireplaces, candles, and radiators. 1 in every 4 Christmas tree fire is caused by being too close to a heat source (National Fire Protection Association) .

3. It 's Electrifying!

Replace Christmas lights when needed. 1 out of 3 Christmas tree fires are caused by worn or broken cords, or loose bulb connections (National Fire Protection Association) . This should be followed for any strings of lights hung both inside and outside of your home.

4. Save Your Energy

Always turn off Christmas tree lights when leaving the home or at night.

5. Toss that Charlie Brown Tree

Throw out your tree once it begins to dry out. Dry trees are more likely to catch fire and burn at a much faster rate than fresh trees.

Employee Spotlight

January of 2011, he started as an intern while pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. After graduating, he came to work at RAN full time as a fire protection designer while pursuing his Master’s Degree in Fire Protection Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Chris has also competed and placed in the 2013 and 2015 National Fire Sprinkler Association Top Tech competition as a Northeast Champion. Since beginning his work a RAN,Chris has specialized in and enjoyed the challenge of designing for industrial buildings throughout the Northeast. He has become a leader in teaching others in the office with his wealth of fire protection knowledge. We are proud to announce that this December, Chris has received his Professional Engineering license in Fire Protection Engineering!

RAN Fun Facts

On August 2, 2010 Doug Nadeau founded RAN. In celebration of our 5th Anniversary, here are a few fun facts about RAN:

2015 Project Highlights

John F. Kennedy Federal Office Building

RAN provided the fire alarm system design and modifications to the existing fire controls

for the twin 26 story high-rise JFK Federal Office Building in Boston, MA This $1.5 million project required design modifications to the building's fire alarm system. Our engineers designed new detection devices and notification appliances throughout the buildings. The existing fire controls and programming were modified to activate and monitor the new equipment.

RAN designed the replacement of the previous conventional smoke detectors and pull stations with addressable smoke detectors and pull stations. RAN's designs allowed the e buildings to remain fully operational throughout the upgrade process.

Camoplast Solideal

Camoplast is a manufacturer of off-road tires and rubber tracks in Upstate New York. RAN Fire Protection Engineering performed consulting services to determine the sprinkler system demand requirements in the existing 84,000 square foot warehouse. RAN engineers reviewed the warehouse storage arrangement, performed a code compliance evaluation, and evaluated the water supply for the existing sprinkler systems in the warehouse areas limited to the anticipated hydraulically most remote areas.

State University of New York at Delhi

RAN Fire Protection Engineering designed a fire alarm master plan for SUNY Delhi. The

plan included a campus fire alarm supervising station and radio transceiver infrastructure to integrate with the existing network of campus fire alarm panels that spans over 30 buildings. This system allows campus police to monitor fire alarm signals from all buildings on campus using a wireless network. This reliable system allows for campus police to respond quickly to fires with knowledge of the location and type of fire alarm signal.

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