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Commissioning of fire protection systems is meant to validate the intended system design, detail the actual performance, and verify proper installation and operation. Fire protection commissioning is more than just acceptance testing.  It requires highly developed knowledge of fire protection engineering and a holistic approach to building design.  

RAN provides a confirmation that the fire protection systems in a building are functional, satisfy operational needs, and that the systems are complaint with code and local laws. Our engineers have an advanced understanding of fire protection systems, installation, operation, and maintenance, as well as knowledge on how to properly test these systems. RAN has experience in providing detailed plans that include specific system and subsystem tests and inspections with associated pass/fail criteria. We will review shop drawings and ongoing construction for conformance with owner requirements, provide verification testing of performance, and coordinate with the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Master Planning

Master planning is used to provide strategies and solutions for both short and long-term growth and development. RAN offers integrated solutions to meet our client’s objectives. RAN has implemented master plans for various universities, correctional facilities, and industrial clients.

Life Cycle Analysis

RAN has years of experience in determining how long a fire protection system will last and how much each system will cost. Using this experience, our fire protection specialists can advise clients on the most cost effective and longest lasting fire protection system that will meet their specific needs. 

Needed Fire Flow

The Needed Fire Flow is the amount of water that should be available to provide fire protection at specific areas in a community. RAN Fire Protection has years of experience working with Authorities Having Jurisdiction, government agencies and civil engineers to develop reasonable and effective water supplies that meet the needs of our clients. 

Due Diligence

RAN can review and analyze a client’s fire protection systems for compliance with code and ordinances. We will provide each client with a report that includes technical and cost data to assist in property evaluation and selection processes.

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