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Kingston High School

Kingston High School is a comprehensive 4-year school that has an approximate 2,500 students and staff. The school consists of several buildings that are connected on all levels or by pedestrian bridges.

This grade 9-12 school is hands on for students and offers student run clubs and organizations. The most popular organization is the KHS-TV, which is a student-run television program that is broadcasted live at the start of the second period. The school also offers about 20 athletic teams and a variety of clubs.


RAN Fire Protection Engineering was retained to update the Kingston High School Field House sprinkler system. RAN performed a code analysis on the existing fire protection system to make sure that everything was compliant with NFPA standards. It was discovered that a fire pump was needed based on hydraulic calculations of the existing system. A new fire pump and existing system modifications were designed.

Project Information

94,000 sqft

Project Size


Construction Cost

Kingston, NY

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