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Flanagan Hotel

The Flanagan Hotel was built in 1917 and was the largest hotel north of Albany, NY in its prime.

Many meetings took place at this hotel during the historical Fenian Raids and was a place to be up until 1997. In 1997 someone fell asleep while smoking on their bed in their hotel room and started an uncontrollable fire. The hotel lost everything and was left undisturbed until 2007. It was partially renovated and then got foreclosed in 2009. It is currently still the largest building in the historic downtown of Malone and some people see it is a burden, while others see the history it holds.


The historical building needed renovations and RAN Fire Protection Engineering was retained to provide fire protection design drawings. The drawings included a sprinkler and piping location plan, manual-wet standpipe design, and a fire pump design.

Project Information

6 Stories

Project Size


Construction Cost

Malone, NY

Project Location

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