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Olana State Historic State

The Olana State Historic Site is a complex that was owned by Frederic Edwin Church, who was pivotal in the Hudson River School of landscape painting.

This site is one of a few artist home, studio, and estate complexes left intact today. RAN Fire Protection Engineering is included on this project to evaluate the current fire protection for the buildings in this historic site. We will also be documenting the current mist system and verify its accuracy with the original drawings. In this process, we will also identify the site's ability to limit fire damage to the structure. The drawings used in documenting the mist system will be updated using AutoCAD. RAN is tasked with analyzing the code to identify requirements for the original code of record for the fire protection system installation and any requirements for new or modified fire protection systems. Lastly, RAN will provide arbitration assistance with the Code Enforcement Official to identify any other concerns and develop a comprehensive protection plan.

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Hudson, NY

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