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Grant Cottage

The purpose of this project is to design fire protection for Grant Cottage in Wilton, New York. This cottage is where President Ulysses S. Grant passed away, so protecting this 43-acre historic landmark effectively was of the utmost importance.

RAN was brought on as a sub-consultant and was charged with several major fire protection engineering tasks. First, we had to review existing building and site documentation to guide the remainder of the project. We found that there was a low water supply, so the system used must require low amount of water. After reviewing the current documentation, we needed to develop a code analysis to determine the code installation requirements for any and all new systems. RAN also evaluated potential fire suppression systems that would be most appropriate to protect this historical treasure. RAN decided on the Victaulic Vortex system, which use nitrogen to put out the fire and water mist to keep it out. Lastly, we agreed to assist with arbitration with the code enforcement official to assist with any concerns and a comprehensive protection plan. This project has supplied us with the knowledge and experience necessary to protect historical buildings.

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Wilton, NY

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