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Clarkson University

Clarkson Hall is a health and science building located on Clarkson University’s downtown campus.

The building is home to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program and has state-of-the-art assessment, treatment, and research technology. The building consists of the anatomy lab, human performance lab, NeuroCom Balance master, Biodex Body Weight Support and treadmill system, Biodex System 3, Gait Rite, Optogait, Balance Lab’s Opal Sensors, and Health Sciences branch.


RAN Fire Protection Engineering performed fire protection engineering services for the approximate 56,000 square foot renovations to Clarkson Hall in Potsdam, NY. The scope of services included sprinkler and standpipe design for the expansion of the existing basement sprinkler system to the first, second and third floors. The design overcame the challenges of integrating a sprinkler system into an existing building through extensive coordination with existing building systems and features to reduce disturbance within the building during construction.

Project Information

56,000 sqft

Project Size


Construction Cost

Potsdam, NY

Project Location

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