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New York State Capitol Building

The NYS Capitol Building houses the New York State Governor’s Office and the New York State Legislature.

Services Provided:

  • Code Analysis                                       

  • Fire Pump Design

  • Fire Alarm System Design    

  • Preservation of Historical Building

The building was completed in 1899 at a cost of $25 million, a modern day equivalent to roughly half a billion dollars. RAN Fire Protection Engineering, P.C. commenced work on the NYS Capitol project to address the existing level of fire protection.


The project involved the investigation of the existing fire pump arrangements to assess measures concerning flow problems. The design required the removal of three fire pumps, which allowed for consolidation into one fire pump with emergency backup power. The project also included the upgrading of the fire department hose valves on all eight standpipes throughout the building. The design increased the functionality and general reliability of the fire protection system in its entirety.

Project Information

10 Stories

Project Size


Construction Cost

Albany, NY

Project Location

Project Gallery

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