Forensic Consulting

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Expert Witness

With all of our years of fire protection engineering experience under our belts, we are an asset to any legal team. Our engineers have had prior involvement in working as an expert witness, and understand how to best present information to a court.

Litigation Support

RAN uses computer fire models to reconstruct actual building fires. These models provide insight into the timeline of a fire. By incorporating known events into the fire model, the model can provide a prediction of the unknown variables. These models can assist in determining such information as when flashover occurred, when an egress path became untenable, or when a detector should have activated. Fire models can also prove invaluable in testing hypotheses of fire origin and cause. The more sophisticated models can also approximate when an occupant would be overcome by toxic gases.

Failure Analysis

RAN Fire Protection Engineering has years of experience in determining the cause of fire protection system failures. RAN engineers can determine the probable cause of system failures such as system design flaws, improper installation, or faulty equipment. RAN is thorough in investigating every possible scenario in order to determine the probable cause. Our failure analysis can lead to financial recovery for our client's losses.

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