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Silvio O. Conte Federal Building

The Silvio O. Conte Federal Building was completed in 1977 and occupies approximately 1.15 acres.

It is also named after Silvio Ottavio Conte, who was a republican member of the United States House of Representatives. 

RAN Fire Protection Engineering completed the construction documents containing all fire protection designs, drawings, and all other related documents. RAN’s main focus for this project was replacing and upgrading the current fire alarm system with a new FACP. It was not necessary to replace the whole system, instead the installation of a new fire alarm control panel adjacent to the existing panel was the first step in upgrading the fire alarm system. Following the installation of the new control panel, the existing Initiating device circuits were monitored, and existing notification appliance circuits were connected to the new FACP. The next step in the upgrade was providing new area notification appliances to provided visible and audible notification throughout public areas within the building. Finally, the existing remote annunciation panel located in the lobby was replaced with the new FACP.

Project Information

10,754 sqft

Project Size


Construction Cost

Pittsfield, MA

Project Location

Project Gallery

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