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J.W McCormack Federal Building

The John W. McCormack Federal Office Building is a 22-story building that was rededicated to John W. McCormack in 1972.

The building contains a post office, Courthouse, and federal offices, and 75% of the building is original. This emphasizes that the building is historical and important to preserve.

RAN completed the design for renovations to the J.W McCormack Building in Boston, MA. This project was turned around quickly to the Environmental Protection Agency in order to stay on the tight construction schedule. RAN delivered a detailed fire sprinkler design and provided oversight for life safety planning of the space. RAN was also supplied with a significant amount of water even when new plumbing fixtures reduced water consumption by approximately 642,000, which is 32% over code requirements. RAN’s designs helped keep the enclosed 10,290,000 cubic feet and 600,000 floor space protected from fires.

Project Information

16,000 sqft

Project Size


Construction Cost

Boston, MA

Project Location

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