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Fort Drum

RAN Fire Protection has completed over 20 projects for the Fort Drum US Army Base. Projects extend from fire alarm system design and code consulting to fire sprinklers and clean agent systems.

RAN performed a code evaluation of the building completed along with the basic design drawings of the fire alarm and mass notification system. RAN’s engineers designed a wireless fire alarm system that connected the buildings together through digital alarm communicator transmitters (DACT). The signals from the DACT system were then received by wireless radio transmitters. These transmitters would then wirelessly alert the fire department in case of an incident. Additionally, the transmitters could also send and receive signals to each other, creating a wireless radio mesh network.

RAN has designed sprinkler systems for medical facilities on base, multipurpose buildings, and even a building that was repurposed as a museum. Lastly, our engineers designed several fire suppression systems for a building that housed a server room. RAN designed modifications of a sprinkler system, clean agent system and detection system. The clean agent system used in the server room was FM-200.

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Fort Drum, NY

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