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All system design drawings are developed using computer aided design software and follow our in-house drawing standards. The fire protection component symbols that we use are consistent with national standards. We also provide hydraulic calculations to ensure that each fire protection system has an adequate water supply in the event of a fire.

Size Layouts

Our clients receive designs that show the level of detail necessary for competitive bids and economic installations. Performance specifications can lack detail – RAN provides each client with detailed drawings that address the bid process, desired performance, and life expectancy.

Hydraulic Calculations

Our hydraulic calculations prove that the supply of water available is strong and plentiful enough to meet the demands needed in order to control the size and intensity of a possible fire. You will know the system works before the contractor bids on the project avoiding costly change orders.

Evacuation Planning

To develop a fire safety procedures and evacuation plan, RAN engineers:

  • Conduct audits of the existing fire protection and egress systems.

  • Facilitate the setting of fire safety and evacuation objectives with facility management.

  • Establish for consistency, evacuation policy and procedures.

  • Prepare easy to follow facility graphics for key floors and tenant spaces indicating fire protection features and egress routing.

RAN organizes this material into a fire safety procedures and evacuation manual that presents the information in a logical structure. The topics and information included in the manual are adjusted to meet the needs of each client. Once the manual is completed, RAN engineers meet with facility management to assist with implementation of the plan. At this time, RAN can conduct facility staff and occupant training using the manual and site-specific graphics.


We assist our clients with assessing the key system and component performance criteria necessary for meeting the objectives of each design, and detail those requirements into a customized specification. We also provide detailed contractor qualifications, testing requirements, and acceptance criteria. These specifications follow the format standards established by the Construction Specifications Institute.

Code Equivalency

RAN can support each client’s design philosophies and aesthetic criteria, by proposing equivalencies allowing the freedom of design while meeting the intent of the code. Equivalency is a principle recognized by all national building and fire codes. Many authorities allow an equivalency if they are convinced it will meet or exceed the intent of the code requirement. Most of these same authorities require a fire protection engineer to be involved in the development of these alternatives. Occasionally, an authority will require that the equivalency be presented to an appeal board for review. RAN is experienced in preparing and processing these appeals. 

Life Safety

RAN prepares the Interim Life Safety Measures, Policy and Procedures Manual that provides useful fire and life safety information for specific construction and demolition operations. The goal of the manual is to provide the building and its occupants a reasonable level of safety with respect to fire during demolition and construction operations. Many of the procedures and requirements in this manual are intended to reduce the potential for a fire during all periods of demolition and construction, and to address the need to keep the fire protection system operational, install fire extinguishers, and keep normal egress paths undisturbed. The manual is intended for use by construction and demolition contractors and provides specific requirements for job site and building fire prevention steps that must be taken before work begins, while work is in progress, and after work has been completed.


RAN utilizes industry accepted design software to enhance some of our design services. Before we implement software into our design procedures we review and test it. Some of the software we use includes:

  • HydraCALC

  • HydraCAD

  • AutoCAD


  • Hazard T


  • PathfinderProCiv

  • PyroSim

  • Ease Evac

  • FDS

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