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Brookwood Secure Center

Brookwood Secure Center is a fully secure detention facility for males and females, while under the age of 16.

These individuals were convicted and sentenced in an adult criminal court or via family court as part of the Raise the Age legislation. Depending on the sentence, the male or female may remain in OCFS custody up until they are 21 years old. The Brookwood Secure Center can house up to 125 people in the 9 14-bed, one 12-bed, and one 18-bed living units.

RAN Fire Protection Engineering was retained to evaluate the existing conditions of the fire alarm system and to provide options for combining the multiple systems into one existing system. Due to the nature of the facility any manual fire alarm boxes were installed at the staff offices in the residential wings. New Fire alarm systems were installed in four buildings and all the existing fire alarm systems were networked. 

Project Information

42,000 sqft

Project Size


Construction Cost

Lansing, NY

Project Location

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